Tuesday, August 11, 2009

For the love of Dolls

If there’s one thing that I want my daughter to own it would be a massive collection of Barbie Dolls. I didn’t have the privilege to own a collection however I do have in possession few dolls that mom n dad generously bought for me.

I hope my daughter will be appreciative enough to understand the value of a collectors item. But of course I need to build her a nice cabinet to store it. Probably in a couple of years time both of us can share something in common for the love of Barbie. Till then my precious is too small to understand anything.


Someone gave her a first Barbie n she basically tear her apart!! The poor doll is now lying around without a skirt, shoes or handbag and worst still her hair is in a tangle of mess. Oohhh well so much for her first collection!!!


-pic taken fm google-


Lybeau said...

sis... thats a good passion to cultivate your bub...

when i'm young i collect comics... ive boxes... all marvel.... some people willing to pay me thousands... but i just refuse... and abg2 i jahat selalu cakap..takmo kasi haku leh jualkan... sabo je la

Amelia Khalik said...

Lybeau yea lah beb..i masa kecik2 tak dapat rasa so blh lah bagi my dotter rasa..oohhh marvel heroes yeaahhh ur the first gal yg i dgr collect comics! bravo sis!!

Jgn jual..so sayang..well unless the price is right!!*wink wink*