Saturday, August 1, 2009

Our Saturday S.O.P

Our Saturday afternoon ritual are pretty much d same every week. First stop will always be gymboree and then off for a late lunch where most of d time d destination will be in a shopping complex somewhere. So for this week One utama it is!!!
A family of sushi lover will end up having it at least twice a week. This time round we tried this new place called 'Sushi Zanmai' that according to his friend once u try it u’ll come back for more. Well let juz say she’s right!!!

After lunch it’s time to look for those Nike that has been haunting me for a week. Thank u ‘yang’ for belanja me!! I like!!! Hahaha. Alif was feeling bored n wanted to do something refreshing n exciting so I suggested he stayed for 1 hr at ‘get crafty’ and make something artistic for himself. The fee was Rm45 for an hour session and he get to choose which ever work of art that was on displayed for him to copy. He settled for a SWAT machine gun!!!

I came to pick him up an hour later and tadaa!!! He had his own gun. While waiting for him earlier..i had my ‘coffee fix’ accompany with that yummylicious tiramisu. Daddy refused to have any he claims he’s on a diet! Hah!!! Well that pretty much ended the day outing. Next week destination is still unknown.


POSH76 said...

dah lama tak makan sushi...sedapnyer

Amelia Khalik said...

Posh..i rasa u pun suker sessi makan2 nie kan..haruslah u terjah tempat nie..seriously sedap!!!

Abrahyn said...

byk2 jenis food...japanese la yg i tak blh masuk...tak tau nape...tekak jawa tempayaki ngan tempura blh...yg lain2 tak blh arr..huhuhu

Amelia Khalik said...

Abrahyn...dulu my husband pun camtuh tapi i bagi training baik dah ok...hehehe

Abrahyn said...

u train i lak pas nih ek...:p