Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Something to ponder...

After Jazzercise class on tues I went for a drink with my old buddy. It’s been quite sometimes since we had our coffee talk. We’ve been friends ever since our school days and I believe somehow our level of understanding and respect towards each other is some what unique. I don’t have to spell out what’s ok and not ok to be discuss..we agreed almost on everything and if we ever tend to differ in opinion no hard feelings existed. It’s all fine and well with us. Even though we hardly hang out as often as we like but never the less we do have that ‘bond’.

Our conversation most of the time is ‘heavy’ ranging from domestic to friends and family. And makes me ponder for days now on what happiness, pain and sacrifices really means. No doubt life aint a bed of roses mine included but it’s the tactic of handling such situation that matter most. She had her up’s n down’s too..but what amazed me is her capability to stay calm n focus despite having to endure such a painful experience in her life.

Never once she lashed out or some might say ‘washing ur dirty laundry in public’ given her circumstances, I on the other hand will probably start updating my status in FB and lashing out on others in my blog. Where is my morale in that? Or can I simply say..i’m no angel I need to let it out??? And so is it fair to declare that I’m a happier person after all those stunt? Hhmmm..i wonder if my act of defensiveness and attitude is acceptable?

Again I believe no individual handles stress and crisis the same. I might find solace in being ignorance. The less I know the better the situation is??? That’s what I thought and might want to stay believing. No matter how bad our situation can get I for once believe that good judgment and a moment of silence will do wonders. Silence is golden, silence may also means a thousand words.

So my story is the next time I feel the need to let someone know a piece of my mind I would probably do it a day after. Giving myself ample of time to think with my head not with my furious heart!!! I’ll take a deep breath, a moment of silence and sleep it over, wake up the next morning and then I will decide if it’s worth hurting other’s like the hurt I felt inside. I might be a little forgiving but not forgetting. And most probably the choice of words would be less hurtful!! If u believe in the golden rule ‘"Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." Then u will choose wisely.

And so being a little poetic at the moment has nothing to do with other people dead or’s just something to ponder and on my part a lesson learned!


Lybeau said...

hey sis... nice piece!....A friend in need is a friend's a good thing have close friend who understand each other better than having 193 friends who just plain nosey kan....!!! Attack supposed to be an act of defense.... but mostly misinterpreted as ego.... well sis... it's just life... like you said never a bed of roses....!!!
Me love poetic style of writing keep me AWAKE WHEN READING!!!...keep going sis....!!!!
its like we birds of feather flock together..kan

Amelia Khalik said...

Hi Lybeau..hahaha..yes it's great to have friends who knows where they stand..infact i have a few best buddies who understand when n where they're needed and not being too nosey or kepochi in my life.

sometimes we are so involved with our own world@problem that we failed to see beyond and out of the box..betul tak? and we think our world is coming to an end juz becos of that 'small argument' with ur other half or family. A woman hearts is a deep ocean of secrets..*TITANIC*..hahaha

Sorry sis..berjela2 lak..anyway next entry i promised something light n easy...hahaha

Oohhh yeah we do flock together..*wink wink*