Monday, July 27, 2009

The never ending story of maid n us...

‘my maid ran away’ ‘I have maid problem’ ‘I caught my maid stealing’ …are phrases I heard too often. I am one of those 21st century women who need the assistance of a helper or some sort. Some might wonder why as a part time entreprenuer and part domestic goddess..hahahaha with only 2 children do I need to have a maid? The answer lies in ones lifestyle. It is our choice to have or do without which in my case I’m glad i have one but if I choose the later I will managed my household just fine but I might at times miss the freedom of being able to do the petty things that I love doing such as taking my time enjoying reading the current Glam or female mag or doing my own manicure and pedicure. Some might say they have more children and still managed to do those things uninterrupted. Well hats off to those mum as I think they’re super duper efficient.

I on the other hand will not be able to handle those tasks as superbly as I wish. I was maidless before when alif was only 4 and I was 4 mths pregnant with allysha..i did ok given the delicate condition I’m in, I cook, do the laundry and still have time to spend with my husband but…I did have cleaners coming around once a week to do the house and all clothes are sent to d laundry for ironing. But now if u ask me if I’m able to repeat those moment my answer wud be no.


Friends like ana (mummycool) and maznah are those super duper mommy I like to refer too. Yes they single handedly take control of their household, children and husband included. They are fortunate in a sense that they choose to be a stay at home mom but never the less they are as sharp as any given executives or managers to compare with. I understand some of us are all of the above..they work during the day, taking care of the kids and husband at night and cleaning the house on the weekends. the only word I could utter.

So back to those who choose to have maids..some times 2 in a household. Is it fair to judge them as incompetent. I surely think NO. but I do hope they will take charge in knowing their children inside out. My only concern if the children are growing up being supervised 100% by maid!!! Mind u but in my house I’m in charge of my kids behaviors, studies and manners! If there’s a shortcoming in that department please come and blame me. Never expect ur maid to do ur job as a mom. We have to be accountable for something. How can someone gave birth to a soul and neglect them after?? Hhhmmmm but I think that’s just life..we make our own path. So the next time some children cried and run to the maids instead of the mother u’ll probably know d answer…

That ladies n gentleman is my opinion solely based on my observation if u begged to defer ur welcome to do so. Who ever said there’s a hard rules on doing anything but they surely are guidance. Yuppp we make our own bed!!



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