Tuesday, July 14, 2009

kick..kick..punch..punch..u want some???

I’m going for Jazzercise later..to sweat it out physically and mentally.

Physically for the obvious reason..that Megan Fox body is torturing and haunting me forever!!! Hahahaha well I know I’m aiming for the mountains but hey who cares..as long as I don’t drop dead while working out!!

Mentally because of the turn of event that unfolds today…u see there r certain things u can joke about but hey..it doesn’t seems funny to me when it involves ‘polygamy’. I’m amazed at a certain insensitive being called friends..*his friends* to be exact, cracking a joke bout the big ‘P’. Ohhh well it’s nothing serious really…he was juz joking..he said and in return my defense mechanism went full swing and lashed out at that friends statement in full force.

Regrets I have not..it’s as simple as that!!! But oh boy my anger testosterone (if it ever exist in my cell) is rocketing sky high that I feel the need to burn it out tonite before I’m force to become that ugly b*&^% wife syndrome.

So..u see this is something all husband shud avoid at any cost! And that ends the rambling of a provoked and over jealous wife!!!!

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