Sunday, July 12, 2009

Alif's Birthday Bash

Alif celebrated his 6th birthday on sat. We had a small scale gathering of close family and friends at Burger King S.Alam. It was a fun day for all esp the mommies as it is impossible to hang out with my gf’’s. yuppp most of us have commitments and family is top priority.

The party started at around 4 and we have 25 kids altogether. First thing on the agenda is of course ‘makan’ for the kids and adult followed by games and cake cutting. I wud say the most excited moment is when the mommies participated in the musical chair game. It was hilarious and yours truly is the first one out!!!! Hahaha..loserrrr…but it was all great fun.

I had a blast with my friends ana, maz n myhan. They brought the place down with laughter, gossips and our signature ott posed!!! Yup..we were like a pack of hungry wolves being let loose to explore the unknown…hahaha…u guys rock!!!

Last but not least is the cake cutting moment and alif blowing out his 6 candles. As usual his choice is so obvious..BEN10 cake is a must!!! He was glowing and excited. For the past few days he’s been asking bibik every morning with out failed to do a count down till his party. He wud get up and ask..’bibik berapa hari lagi bday alif???’ and it goes on and on… I’m very thankful to Allah for the smooth sailing of the event and thankful too for the‘rezeki’ given. Alhamdulillah.

Thank you family and friends who came and making it a wonderful and unforgettable party for Alif….muaahhhh!!!


kaezrin said...

happy 6th birthday aliff

Amelia Khalik said...

Elin...tq dear..:)