Saturday, July 11, 2009

Make me up..

I was getting ready to go out and run some errand today and as usual i did my routine make up and all dolled up n ready to go. Suddenly i feel the urge to snap a photo of my made up face. I have always been a fan of cosmetic and i will never leave the house without my lipstick and mascara to say the least. I feel i should be sharing this little talent of mine with u guys..but mind u i only know how to do my face!!! and so i'm not fit to be a makeup artist or 'mak andam'.

I did a couple of makeup trial on others before and I was all nervous and my hand starts to be shaky and the end result is quite dissapointing..hahaha. Anyway provided i have an extra time before going out u'll be seeing more entry like I aim to do the ever so famous kim kardashian smoky eye make up..oohhh yeahhh that wud be smoking hot!!! hopefully i have the guts to go out looking so made up!!!

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