Friday, July 17, 2009

Ohhh what a lazy day...

Lazy day for me today involves loitering around Mid Valley, lunching and strolling in and out of the many2 shops that have SALE plastered all over it!!! and getting a few things that i never thought i really need!!..hhhmmm interesting for someone who is basically just trying to kill time!! I had to hauled Zetty (my unofficial sec) to company me around..or better yet..she dragged me here!!! hahaha..

And i did managed to get my E71 a new look though it did not turn out like how i imagined it'll be..and i have to pay 59 ringgit for i wanted to have it bling2 at first but knowing me..i'm quite rough when handling my gadget i'm scared the bling will only last me a month or so..and decided against it.

Ohhh well..i might as well live with it for the time being till hubby got me my 3G iphone....*wink wink* *hint hint*....hahaha.


Mrs LVoe said...

the spaghetti look tempting. oh btw nice casing ;-)

Amelia Khalik said...

Sha...haah mmg sedap...tapi kan skin tuh nampak gelap sket fm the original photo..hhhmmm tipah tertipu lah..