Sunday, July 5, 2009

Movie@Cathay Platinum Suite

We just got back from watching the Transformer. Overall I find the movie entertaining with first class CGI effects and animation. For a complete preview and film review pls go to

My story on the other hand went something like this..we went to cathay cineleisure d curve n saw the normal price ticket queue for transformer was too long and thus decided to try the platinum seat. It was just our luck to secure the last 2 seats on the 7.15 show. We were quite early so we went for a late lunch at Marche after which we proceed back to cineleisure.

The platinum movie lounge is large with 3 pc’s, 2 tv screens, 4 massage chair, a bar to grab a soft drink, lotsa magazines and comfy sofas and ohhh free wifi of course. There is only 24 fully reclined like those business class aircraft seats on each theatre and pillows n blankets can be rented for rm5. light snacks and drinks for order are also provided but I don’t think anyone wud want to get their fingers messy by ordering chix wings…hahaha. Anyway the movie finally starts at 7.15pm. I wud say for a ticket price of rm40 per seat it was worth the service and they have excellent facilities.

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