Saturday, July 18, 2009

Jazzercise Endurance Challenge

Our team comprised of around 15 gorges gals hahaha challenged ourself for the ultimate in fitness, it’s a 1h15m non stop pure cardio held at Sports Barn PJ. Together with us for the challenge is 2 other team representing their organization which is ‘stomp’ from sports barn, ‘w’ from women, and us ‘go jazz’ from zazen.

It was one hell of an experience for amateurs like us who hardly or probably never (for some of us) entering such competition. But our instructor Kuan has well prepared us for this test and I’m proud to say that our team did her proud. None of us drop out of line or get left behind, we were all ‘go’ for the routine and steps which range from moderate to high impact leg lift and lotsa jumping, attitude, and body arm movement combination.

I had a blast even though I’m tired at this moment but I feel it’s worth the hard work. So move over Megan…Hahahaha…LOL. Don’t hate’s all for fun guys!! I know u guys adore her..or maybe I’m the obsessed one!

Ok back to jazzercise I honestly think it is a form of routine set to make every muscle of your body toned. Yes it’s true..dont believe me? I suggest u search for Jazzercise in your area and ask for trial classes u wont regret it when ur other half plastered indoor every night giving u that sexy ‘tak hingat dunia look’. But of course nothing comes will take few months and hard work before u will see the result. As for me..i’m Mr hubby complaining??? Not!!! Hahaha.

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