Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Whitney,,,

I have to admit..i can never save the extra cash that's in hand. My whole body itch knowing I have an extra stash or two hiding in my bank account. It was not my intention to get these sunnies that soon. but while browsing at a local mall I came across one shop having a sale on their sunglass items. It was on 20% discount n way much cheaper than the ones I saw in BSV. But of course me being d good wife..i had to seek permission fm my other half. He gave me the green light..n I went home a happy lady!!!

While in the shop my son insisted that I get these instead!!!!

Hahaha..i couldn’t stop laughing still, however he didn’t find it funny at all n was looking at me rather annoyingly that I made fun of his choices!!! Ooohhh alif..i wonder where u get that peculiar taste? Hhhmmm it must come from daddy’s genes!!! Hahaha..


naddy said...

nice catch... jgn lupa ambik gambar bila dah pakai nanti ;) oh i saw the sunglasses (2nd pic) kat OU juga, hidious giler kan ahahaha

Ella said...

stylo lah ur sunglasses.
mesti cantik bile u pakai..

yg 2nd sunglass tu kalau I yg pakai, mesti anak I gelak...
I nk cr sunglass putih yg biasa2, nak pakai naik kete & motor klasik..heheh

ardeez04 said...

Hi Amelia,

am one of your blog readers. Can you pls pls pls tell me where did you get the sunnies and the price as well. You can e-mail me at ardeez04atgmaildotcom. I've been dying to get whitney eversince. thanks a bunch :-)

Amelia Khalik said...

Naddy..thanks beb nanti bila cuaca terang i pose maut lah yek...kelakar kan sunnies tuh, ada ker org nak beli??? Kekeke

sis ella. I nie kalo dah pakai sunnies yg besar gedabak camtuh start lah perasan anggun bergaya konon!!! ..but fedulik lah kan janji makcik bahagia. Ohhh yea u biker chic kan n yes i think white sunnies wud look great on u!!!

Amelia Khalik said...

Ardeez...i'll email u d details shortly yea..thanks..:)

snowiffy said...

hi babe, wah! sudah dpt ye..cantik kan!!! i got tis sunnies frm fynnaz frm her recent trip to US dgn price yg cheaper than wat they offered here. pandai2 pesan kat org n padan muka i coz bila da sampai colors 614 not to my liking (sbb tu x update dlm blog). Now ni tgk fikir2 whether to sell or just keep d spec. M now waiting for stock coming for black b dark brown color in one of d spec shop in hartamas n d best bargain is they offered less than rm2k for 2 items (1 withney n 1 simone) *wink* - upload pic u nnt ok :)

:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

aaaa that whitney i found in bangkok selling at 1.1k...mahal jugak laaa...if i tau u nak, i boley recommend kan my fren pegi US last month...she got at around 800