Thursday, December 31, 2009

Journal Swap

After attending my 2nd class with Jessy n meeting Maryam in person we decided to swap altered journal among us. I get to do one for Jessy n Maryam did one for me. Few weeks pass by and today all 3 of us get to view each others work of art. So here’s from yam to me. It was in my favourite colour, pink and adorned with beautiful butterflies and ribbons. I love it to bits! Thanks yam for d beautiful creation..:)


mariam said...

I enjoyed the swap a whole lot cause I had to do something different...hope u will write in your journal. if u have any other swap going on jgn lupa ai k hehehe

Amelia Khalik said...

Yam..i'm starting to enjoy it too. InsyAllah if next time ada buat swap2 lagi kita infm2 lah yea. n yes i will make full used of my journal..tq beb..:)