Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Scrapbook (SB101) @Papier

I did my first Lo today!!! Yeaaayyyy..i’m in such happy mood. Hahaha. Classes for SB101 at papier was conducted by non other..Teacher Jessy!!! N I got a chance to meet Mariam, a fellow veteran scrapper who is so sweet and warm. It was a fun class n I intend to go for the vintage class next, which will be in January.

After class we head out for ‘makan session’ n get to know each other better n that’s when jessy suggested that we swap altered journal for fun. I love the idea even thou now I’m getting cold feet knowing I had to make something nice for d ‘sifu’. Hahaha. I’ll try my best till then I’d to source for more ideas over the net.

Ooohhhh it is such an adrenalin rush knowing u had a challenge to complete! I haven’t felt this way since college days!! Hahaha..but I’m surprised that it excites me thinking bout it. so okay..i’ll post the pics as soon as I’m able to complete wait!!! I rephrase that as ‘after jessy received it’ I wouldn’t want to spoil her surprise…lol.


Lybeau said...

nice nice.....and the pix is so cool.... rock maintain babes.... lol

mariam said...

ngeh ngeh ngeh I had so much fun! can't wait to see your altered book :)

noor said...

eh...jessy ni cikgu tadika anak sy nih...hehe

iena said...


Amelia Khalik said...

Lybeau...thanks sis. It was just us 'happy mommies' having fun at my sons bday last july. I love the photos cos it's not often we get to hang out. Biasa lah everyone is busy with family..hehehe

Mariam..yes it was great to meet u for d first time. I'm happy i get to know creative n fun ppl through this hobby! Best sgt2...hehehe

Noor..yea betul jessy is a kindy teacher. She has so many talents!!!

naddy said...

Nice LO... I'm finally scrapping now ehehe Hafta get the LOs done before my trip ehehehe

Amelia Khalik said...

Tq Iena..:)

Naddy..waahhh u busy woman..hehehe blom puas merayau with ur blackie eehhh. Yeah hope to see ur LO before ur lonnggggg holiday. Sunyi sepi nanti blog u..hehehe

teacher jessy said...

Haha... What a small world!! I taught Noor's daughter & son too.

Amelia it was so nice to meet with u again!! I really enjoyed the time we spent & can't wait to see the altered journal. Btw love the pic of the three of us. Sweet :)

naddy said...

I'm finishing off the 2nd LO now... my mojo running low ahahaha But I cant upload yet... U might see it on the blog in Jan ehehehe

And yes belum puas merayau dah nak kena tinggalkan kejap ehehehe

Amelia Khalik said... the pics?? me too!!! hehehe. Amazing how the internet connects people!! The power of technology..hahaha.

Naddy..wah 2 LO sekali..hhmmm jeles i. I dont think i'm able to do that, nak buat half pun dah ada interruption..kekeke

mariam said...

errr I just realised u describe me as veteran scrapper hehehe funny ah u ni.

next we gotta have a crop/class with naddy plak!