Friday, December 18, 2009

No Photograph Policy

Something trigger me to write on this entry today. I went out with Mr hubby to OU for late lunch n a bit of shopping, nothing in particular juz a bit of this n that. While browsing around we entered M&S outlet n headed for their food section to get some biscuits n chocolates for my children. N being an enthusiast blogger it was really my habit to snap a picture of me doing everything, before a sales assistant walk by n told off Mr hubby of the no photo taking policy. I mean my husband was basically using my camera phone to snap one or two photos of me casually shopping for biscuits. It was not a full blown photo shoot with DSLR n spotlight in action!!!!

M&S OU outlet

I truly do not understand this policy!! Is it only in Malaysia or the whole of South East Asia?? I was in London on Jun this year n when in Harrods, Mr hubby happily snaps away using my sony cybershot camera. No one stop us n this happens throughout our vacay at other stores as well.

Harrods London

Well, could anyone from retail enlighten me on why such policy exist? Why is it forbidden for us to merely taking photos of ourself in places like M&S outlet or any other outlet if any of my reader have came across??..ohhh n please don’t give me that crap answer ‘it’s for security reason’..i mean what security??? Bluuekkkk!!!



Deloress said...


in UK most major shops & malls mmg tak boleh ambil gambar, nanti tiba2 pak guard dtg n sound. As for Harrods, maybe its tourist spot so.. AL-Fayed dont mind kot.

dah lame gak policy ni.... tension kan ? hehe... selalu kena curi² snap

Lybeau said...

Legally, you sure can. Many stores don't approve of this, however, and they see it as a security risk. They are afraid you might be taking pictures to study the layout of the store and the security systems they have in place. You can do it, but don't be surprised if they ask you to stop.

They Can't legally take your camera away, even if they have signs stating that you are not allowed to take pictures, UNLESS that sign also mentions that they reserve the right to confiscate it. Many casino's reserve that right.

Amelia me too peculiar ....just strange and not making sense... but well they are just protecting the insecurity!!!! he hehe....but here you can take pictures mostly anywhere in the stores....except in CASINO....

Amelia Khalik said...

Delores..hahaha..Al Fayed paham tgk org2 jakun mcm i nie!! hehehe. Tapi yea lah kan kadang2 tuh saja jer lah nak buat kenang-kenangan..esok lusa boleh brag kat cucu..dolu2..nenek gi london!! shopping kat harrods!!! tak caya tgk gamba...hahaha

Lybeau..yes dear i cud understand the casino policy. But for a store like H&M to imposed such policy is like..wht the heck??? kan..if people take photo also takkan lah nak pose kat tepi security camera dia kan!! wakakaka..really it doesnt make sense. but nevertheless i'm still goin shopping at M&S. Marah2 pun still tak malu!!! hahahaha

eynda said...

Tak suka la tempat yg takleh snap gambar....ada dengar gak citer macam ni dari bloggers lain...takut orang tiru apa-apa la tu :-(

Amelia Khalik said...

Eynda..tak best kan takleh amik2 gamba. Org nak bagi promotion free pun tak nak! hehehe