Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sat 5th Dec 09

Hey there peeps, how was ur sat? I bet many of us spend quality times with family, husband n kids. Well mine was good. I took my daughter for her gymboree class n then we had lunch at Dome Subang Parade before heading home. My son is at grandpa’s for the weekend n it’s a strange feelings that I missed quarrelling with him!!! Ohhh yes we have lotsa things to argue about…hahaha. Truth be told..i’m missing my munchkin so much!! Ooh well he’s coming home tomorrow anyway, yeah always a drama queen!!

So since I had a quiet afternoon I decided to get goin with…what else?? a card making project. I managed to make 3 cards and this time around it comes together with a handmade envelope. I decided to make a simple card for all occasion and I’m loving the simplicity of it.

My shoe box is up to the brim with cards now. Some are ok but some r just plain boring!!! Hahaha. I did a lot of trial n error until I can get satisfied with my handy work that is. I guess I’ll just keep it as a keepsake to remind me how terrible my first few project was..:P


naddy said...

nice cards! I'm not so good in making cards ahahaha but i did made some for last raya puasa ehehe

maznah said...


teacher jessy said...

Awesome creations!! Simplicity is always the best :)

Amelia Khalik said...

Naddy..ada jugak cards kan. I just cant stop lah's like a disease!! Hehehe

Acik nah..kalau ada masa jom lah ikut saya gi class. Best tau.

Tq jessy..still not perfect but i'll just keep on trying till i get it right!! Any tips? Hehehe

Lybeau said...

sis... my next project will be our cards exchange.... but dont pine your hopes too high ... I'm nothing compare to yours... tell ya what... this hobby is much more than I've expected.... such a hyperbole to my pocket...!!!but I still love it.... xxoo

Amelia Khalik said...

Lybeau..I'm already excited!! ok i need to know what is ur fav colour?? hehehe