Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Special Gift From Down Under

I woke up that morning only to find a parcel placed on my bedside table. Instantly I knew what it was, though I’m shy to admit but I’ve been waiting in anticipation for it’s arrival!! It was indeed a very special gift of friendship from sis Lybeau and not long after followed by her sms and a phone call all d way from Melbourne.


It was too much, too overwhelming for me that someone out there whom I’ve never meet in person could be so sweet, so nice and so kindhearted to hand me such gifts!! It’s not only because of d parcel but it was more because of her phone call!! Aaahhh sis..u really made my day n d day after n even at this moment! I was really touched and I just wish one day we will be able to meet. InsyAllah.

So here’s me parading the witchery blouse that I love so much. It was a perfect fit and so comfortable to wear. Again from d very bottom of my heart thank u sis Lybeau. Ur kindness n generosity will not be forgotten ever!!

p/s: I am excited about d cards too. It’s really amazing to be receiving others work of art! It was lovely..:)


adriana az said...

how nice of her!!love the blouse!!!!

iena said...

lalala... so sweet la

ABH said...

baiknyerrr...u're so lucky! hehehe btw, sedap mata memandang the blouse tu = cantik!

Lybeau said...

hey sis you made me teary ler... likewise sis... personally the most important thing its not the material... but the friendship we both built...I really appreciate the mutual friendship and understanding that we both have...yes yes too hope to really see u in person...and to exchange more cards in future.... xxoo thanks again for the friendship!

Amelia Khalik said...

Na..yeahhh i love it too!!! hehehe

iena..sgt2 sweet n baik hati..:)

ABH..i'm lucky yes..Alhamdulillah..cantek kan..kan..kan..hehehe

Lybeau..Sis seriously this entry comes from d bottom of my heart. It's not always that i recv gifts xcept on my bday of course..hehehe. and yes ur phone call is the peak of d iceberg!! it melt my heart more than anything..tq..:)

Teika Kawashi said...

Really nice blouse tu..I loike it too....

Amelia Khalik said...

Thanks teika..nice eehhh!!! Hehehe