Saturday, December 12, 2009

Facial N Such...

My facial appointment was at 2 pm today. I had to endure a painful extraction every month! Well I guess it’s normal to feel pain to look good. It’s not easy to maintained oneself at this age. Yes when I was younger I never bothered to go for facial or hair treatment or spa or whatever there is in d name of beauty. I don’t see the need, I was young and my skin was in it’s superb condition with elasticity!! I can press my cheek with my fingers and the skin practically bounced back. Tried doing that now..n..oucchhh!!! reality bites in…n so endless visits to the hair saloon, facial appointments, spa n ‘urut’ once in a while..*sigh*. That’s how busy I am at this age!!! Hahaha.

I even learned something new today, for weeks I’ve had a slight bump it looks like a white head thingy on my eye area. I was wondering what it was? it doesn’t hurt at all and it was not red n swollen like a pimple. My beautician did an extraction on it n she said it was an oil seed..ooohhhh now I have an oil seed?? Hahaha. She said it will happen when I had too much seafood or oily food…aaahhhh that explains. I wonder why I’ve never had it before?? N then it came to mind again..age!!!!

Okay..enough about my facial. Read her blog yesterday. Went crazy, nuts n bonkers over it. i head on to Watson for my fixed!! Yes peeps me talking about the toiletries gift that comes in sweet pink n violet. I bought heaps!!! Even Allysha love it. As soon as I got home she rummage through my shopping bag, took out the items, took off her clothes n the next thing u know she was asking for a bath!!! Hahaha. I think it’s becos she saw the bear in the tub set n decided that she just cant resist making it hers. ..:)


MN said...

hi dear..i have invited you to my blog :)

Amelia Khalik said...

Hi sis..thanks a lot. Ever since i change my layout semua blog yg privatised nyer url ilang. Nasib baik u perasan n invite i..thanks again...:)

teacher jessy said...

Awww... your baby girl is cute!! Gosh those round BIG eyes!!

Amelia Khalik said...

Jessy..she gets easily excited just like her