Monday, November 15, 2010

Canvas Mini Album

Hey peeps. Another week before the school holidays start. I'm not sure how much time i'm left with the kids around the house! Yeah it's gonna be chaos alrite! lol.
My nov project with papier includes this Canvas Mini. Yeah as soon i open my Nov kit i was gasping for air! I was nervous more than excited. Truth be told i've never completed 12 pages of canvas before!! and then i was thinking to myself..if i cud do this then..heyyy i cud basically do everything else!!! lol. It was a challenge, it took me few days to complete it.
I'll do like one page and take a break like for hours..before goin on to the next page! It was hillarious, u shud see me getting cold sweat and Hopefully the end result doesnt dissapoint. So here's the complete pages, for a close up and brief info kindly go here.


Lynnda Hosni said...

oh my hats off to you my dear!!! Thats just amazing work...well done.. cold sweat paid off alright!!! Good one Ame...

Anonymous said...

Fabulous projects my dear :)

irmafittaputri said...

i kak wati... i newbie dlm dunia scrapbook ni.. i love crafting...dulu buat cupcake..tetiba sgh papier teringin buat album my collection cupcake photo...tengok hasil kerja akk mmg best la...salam kenal..pssst: mini album canvas ni menarik la...teringn nak belajar..

Amelia Khalik said...

Lynnda n annie..tq doll. Phhewwww it was a relief to finally finish the canvas! :))

Kak wati, tq sudi dtg blog saya. U can drop by kat papier@ d curve, kota damansara. The whole album ada display kat kedai. Blh tgk2 n tanya2 staff kat sana...:)