Monday, August 9, 2010

A Smile n A Jar...

A long day indeed. Finally i find time to sit, talk, browse and blog!! Hahaha. I meet with yuz n yam to collect the crochet flowers that we ordered from Rita. Later decided to join Yuz, June n Elaine to Scrap n Crop. The intention is to look, see n perhaps a lil bit of this n that BUT!!! I ended up with a bag full of stuff! :) I wasnt the big spender, but the other 3!! Omg...yeah my jaw drops looking at their bills.
It was a great trip indeed. I cant wait to dig into my bags but that has to wait. I'm too tired to scrap. Perhaps i will have a better mojo in the morning. Just to share my latest project. I am into Jars now. Only managed to do 2 will add more later. Till then have a good rest..:)

P/s: I'm still smiling....


Blossom inch said...

fabulous project are full of ideas. Sempat lagi blogging balik dari Scrap-n-crop! I enjoyed your company yesterday and meet up soon. Take care.


RyN said...

very nice, is it for this coming hari raya? well, Ramadan Karim.

Amelia Khalik said...

Yuz, sempat gak i melalut mlm2 buta update blog..hehehe. Anyway yeah insyallah lets try to make a monthly visit to snc kan. Monthly for me perhaps weekly for elaine!! lol

Ryn, thank u so much. It's actually a candy jar that can be used for party favours/wedding favours or simply as a friendship gifts..:)