Sunday, August 15, 2010

Journal entry - 15 Aug 2010

Page 1 of my journal reads:

Wow..the pages look so clean. Cant help it, gotta ink d edges a bit. Thanks to 7 gypsies for their amazing product. I will never look at other brand quite the same. What was scrapping before Tim Holtz, Darkroom Doors, Renaissance collection and 7 Gypsies to name a few.They shed a new light in my scrapping style. Now most of d time i managed to get my finger stained in inks. I'm loving every moment of it. And my heat gun is my new bff!!! ..i wonder if i did a wise choice with that slice machine!!! Lol.
It's ramadhan month and raya is approaching in 3 weeks time. Someone suggested the 'slice group' exchange raya cards using 100percent slice, embellish included. Now..i am stumped for ideas..gotta sleep over it! Nite2...


mariam said...

lovely journal!! I love distress inks! I love tim holtz lol and his products..rasa nak beli all his dies and texture fades!!!

yes the slice! lol sigh....

7 babe!! 7 cards! dah lah I tengah kobar2 nak buat LO. hehehe

Chowchow said...

Inking is very therapeutic although I must say that I am very lazy and have stopped using them. Must restart again and find the joy like you did. Love your journal and can't wait to see more! :)

Blossom inch said...

Ya... Gypsies, Kak Tim and their products are just cool. 7 cards??? I am about to pull from the groups because I really malas to do the cards and I am not a card person. Totally! but had too la...lucky I finished it all on Sunday morning and now busy doing the envelope. Betul cakap Mariam, dah la I berkobar2 nak buat 12 x 12 layout...tetiba kena buat card. Adoi!!

Amelia Khalik said...

Yam..hahaha..7 is like forever!! dah 2 hari i dok mengerjakan card nie but still tak siap2..hahaha..yeah my next shopping carik ink ajer

Mich, u r so right!! Very therapeutic indeed and apart from mistings, inking is the next best thing to liven up any lo's..:)

Yuz..dah habis??? haiyaa..envy u!! I'm still struggling lah beb. Macam nak buat 70 card!! kids r getting fed up tgk mama dia asik mengadap slice!!!