Monday, August 9, 2010

The loot...

Instead of shopping for this coming 'Raya' i end up shopping for scrapbook stuff!! But..i promise myself this would be the last for this month. Looking at all of these makes me wanna sit at my table and do nothing but scrap!! The 'ramadhan' is approaching in a few days. I wonder if i have time to indulge myself! Lol. I promise to take things slow this month so perhaps some of my projects will take longer to complete and hence lesser updates on this blog. Ooohhh what is life without blogging!! Hahaha.
I did get a lot of 7gypsies, Dark Room Doors n Tim Holtz. It seems those are my current obsession apart from tags!! U wont believe how many tags i've got yesterday! bags are full of em from all sorts of manufacturers. First i need to clear my not so favourite stuff and then i'll make way for my latest craze!! So watch this space peeps.


teacher jessy said...

The loot is so yummy!! And I know these stuffs are so your style currently!! You are doing amazing with all the techniques, how I wish I have more time like you gal!! Can't wait to see your creations :)

Craftylicious said... likely your loot!! ;) makes me wana shop too...!

Amelia Khalik said...

Hi Jessy..ohh yeah i'm going bonkers with the inking, embossing and practically anything messy!!! lol. Will dig in my new stash sayang nak

Hi sharm, come girl..join me!! but i see u did a lot of shopping online. Unlike me..i'm very tak sabar one!!! Hehehe..