Sunday, August 15, 2010

Battle of d Maidless..

I's only been  5 days since Ramadhan started but i'm already preparing for  'balik kampung' and the maidless period. Not so much in terms of packing but more on mentally taking note of the do's n dont's. Yes i'm anticipating a bit of chaos, u see my maid is leaving home 8 days before raya, and 7 days after. A total of 15 days and the thought of handling everything single handedly scares me! Yes i have been in a comfort zone all these while. She's been a great helper and without..hhhmmm i feel lost??
So less entry on this blog and i dont think i can get any scrapping done. My children are clingy to say the least. They have never been left unattended. When 'bibik' is busy with the house chores, i'll be the entertainer. Even watching telly needs companion!! In their daily life, every single moment there'll be adult supervision so can u imagine how long that leaves me to myself. No time at all. I remembered when 'bibik' went back home 2 years ago. Shower to me take less than 10 mins!!! Hah!! imagine that..I dont chew on my food, more like swallowing before the drinks get spill and the floor is covered with crumbs. Hahaha..
So, mentally i am preparing for the coming battle here at home and when we rush for 'balik kampung' that involves a plane ride! Hhhmmmm with that in mind, i got myself a flat sandal to run after them and d kids..their own Trunki to keep them occupied, lets just hope my plans get executed well. If not..oowwhhh well, i can just pretend to be deaf n blind!! To the cries of course..


mariam said...

all the best dear! I memang maidless so I understand the 10 min shower thing. I remember when my girl was younger she keep knocking on my bathroom door..MAMA hurry up! lol.

take care

Craftylicious said...

I spy with my lil eyes...trunkies!! :) I think that'll surely keep the lil ones occupied while bibik is away isn't it! ;) I share your thoughts on the 10min showers & food chomping.. I'm look after Aneeka alone.. you can guess that I wear the super mom tee all day *lol*

iekaz said...

all the best to both u n me! my maid pn balik a week before raya til a week after raya. huhuhu.. so me n hubs have to take turns taking annual leave. xpela, surely we can cope kan? :)

btw, salam ramadhan to u dear :)

Blossom inch said...

don't worry you can do it...take it slowly. I know the tantrums and chaos of having 2 kids. Hey! I loves the Trunki, the kids must be happy getting one.

teacher jessy said...

To me, you are a super mum!! I am sure you can handle the chores, crafting moments & kiddies all at the same time!! U sure bout not blogging?! Lol. All the best to you & do update us aite? Hugs!

Amelia Khalik said...

Yam, yeah totally d same here..baru masuk dah terjerit2 kat luar pintu!! Haiyaaa..oowhhhh well if u find this blog so sunyi then u know why

Sharm..yeah..that's d word chomping!!!, have to look for that supermom t again! hahaha..i keep telling myself..'i will survive'..hahaha

Iekaz..salam ramadhan to u too dear! Yeahhhh gud luck gurl!! U ada 3, i ada 2..i think u lagi super terror dari 1. hopefully by end of d day i masih rupe orang!! jgn org utan sudah lah

Yuz..happy to d max!! tido pun angkut bag. Hahaha..jgn mak nyer yg tantrum sudah!! :) super mom? Not!!! that's what i'm so scared about, i am so particular with the house chores n all. I just hope i'm able to cope..i cant see things lying around and the floors not shining enough. If i have my way i wud prob mop the floors everyday..sigh..perhaps time to let go n not be so perfect

Wishful Thinking said...

Oh you found some trunki's :-) Yay. Hope they work out for you & the kids. Your kids look adorable and so pleased with themselves hehehee
I laughed at the 10 minute shower! I don't even bother to shut the door now when I shower ... half the time one of them ends up in the shower with me hehee (it's easier than listening to them yelling! LOL)
Just close your eyes to the mess now and again and enjoy the kids - you can clean it up the next day ;-) All the best.

eynda said...

Good luck!! Alah bisa tegal biasa ;-)

Amelia Khalik said...

Rachel, yeah..we went to mid valley n bangsar. My kids demanded to have their choice of daddy had to comply!! poor Yeah..i think just gonna close one eye n not think so much of d mess!! Aaaarrggghhh but i hate doing the laundry!!! sigh.. mengada mcm nie lah..semua tak reti!! amek ko..padan muka sendiri..hahaha..