Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Son!

I'd like to wish my son alif a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! and many more great years to come!!! actually we had a great dinner earlier today. It was funny too..

We went to Chilis Empire with my parents. We brought our own cake for the occassion. Alif wanted a football theme cake and so i ordered it from a friend. Told the server at chilis to keep it for later where they'll have the cake ready by the end of the meal course and they're supposed to sing him a birthday that moment came and they came out with a piece of inhouse sponsored cake and sing him his birthday song! Hahaha..imagine Alif's disbelief face and he look at me as if saying...'Ma! that's not my cake!!!!'. After the singing's done we ask the server for the actual cake and she said..oohhh yeah it's coming shortly! I mean..what the heck??? why would u wanna sing him a birthday song twice??? and to make matter worse..a plastic football pole on top of his cake caught fire!!! He was screaming..'!!!!'...omg..i could die laughing this instance!!!! To show what i's the photo!!! lol....see the pole on the right, that's the one..:)))

Anyway, he's a happy boy! A good cake and a pressie..he's content and now sleeping soundly! A few shots from the dinner. Okay gtg now. Be back soon..ciao..:)


Lynnda Hosni said...

Ahhh... how sweet... and very intimate celebration!!! Happy Birthday to ALif Again.... How funny!!! I'm trying to get my head around the cake that the Restaurant supposed to bring out!!!...anyway... it was a good laugh and as long as Alif is content... thats all matter... I supposed... hugs...xoxo

Blossom inch said...

this is so fun...happy birthday Alif!