Sunday, September 13, 2009

'Malam Tujuh Likur'

Pada malam Tujuh Likur(malam 27 Ramadan), pelita atau lampu minyak tanah akan dinyalakan terutamanya di kampung-kampung Kadangkala pelita akan digantikan dengan penggunaan lampu elektrik kerana ia lebih bersih dan praktikal, namun keaslian sambutan Hari Raya selalunya akan berkurang dengan penggunaan ini.
- wikipedia

When I was 5 my late grandma was staying at a 'kampong' house before she moved in with mom. I remembered the joy of having to spend my childhood (though it was short) at a 'kampong'. The best of those days is during 'Ramadhan'. Those memories of lampu tujuh likur and us having our freedom to play ‘bunga api’ as much as we want too will remain close in my heart. One night my small brother who is barely 3 at that time was playing along with me when suddenly I heard screams from other kids, yes my dear bro somehow has managed to soak himself in gasoline from one of the ‘pelita’. Atok immediately rush him into the house and get him clean and showered. Thank god nothing else happened!!!.


But now the only thing close to having a 'lampu tujuh likur' is the neon colour bulb adorning mom terrace house. I have no 'kampong' since I was 6. My family has been spending countless raya with our house sporting the neon craze. Sometimes I’m envious of those family who gets to enjoy decorating their lawn with 'pelita' and children running and screaming their heads off in excitement!! Yes..i’m only human and I guess it’s normal to have those feelings..but nevertheless I’m thankful that I still get the chance to be amongst family thought we’re surrounded with walls and bricks!! Hahaha…well it doesn’t really matter as long as my kids are able to understand the meaning of get together and having grandpa’s n grandma who love them to death!!!


So peeps..i’m sure each one of us have our own ways of decorating our houses and garden for this 'malam tujuh likur'. As for me the only thing close to having a 'pelita' is putting these tea light candles at my indoor courtyard. Hahahaha.


maznah said...

me...raya kat mana pun sama je. yg penting blh kumpul ramai2 ngan family kan....betol tak...hehe

Amelia Khalik said...

haah acik nah..yg penting kita kumpul ramai2..janji havoc!! kekeke..

zailamohamad said...

buat macam tupon cantik juga..sure ur kids suka;)
btw, selamat hari raya buat amelia & family..moga berbahagia di hari lebaran nanti;)

Amelia Khalik said...

zaila..dia org ok jerrr cos nak tgk pelita pun susah kat bandar mcm tak berapa paham jer kan..kekeke. Selamat Hari Raya to u too. Kalau drive balik kampung drive safely..:)