Tuesday, December 21, 2010

S'pore Pt1

Some of the photos taken during our recent trip to Singapore. Enjoy looking..:)

Day 1 - Departure/Sentosa (Festive Hotel)/Vivo City


Lynnda Hosni said...

nice one.... lovely photos ...you look so pretty!!

make me think of MOM!!... xoxo

Blossom inch said...

good holiday! and can't wait for your next post.

iekaz said...

omg!! u so look like erma fatima in the 1st pic! :)

n errr.. i think u've lost so much weight! envy... grrrr.. hehehe

cant wait to see more pictures! :)

Anonymous said...

oh so fun.. love the pics.. of you and your little ones go jalan jalan.. :)

Gorgeous :)

allthingspurple said...

hey there hawt momma! So how much was the damage in Daiso? *grin*

Amelia Khalik said...

Lynnda..thanks sis. Hey u tak balik s'pore ker? hehehe. Sure is a fine city but at this point over crowded with tourist! lol

Hi Yuz, still busy eekkk..i hope i can get our atc going soon. Can u believe it i'm actually way behind few projects!!! Pancit! lol

Ieka..erma fatima? hahaha..but the kurus version kan..lol. yeah a bit of similarity in d photos but in real life i look nothing like her! lol..

Annie..wwaahhhh i go jalan2 until my kaki sakit u know!! hahaha..still not yet recover! :))

Christine..u mean Daiso the other day before my hols? Hahaha..i was saving my $$ for this trip so i didnt spend much! Leaving much item for u..lol :))

Craftylicious said...

wahh..looks like it was tonnes of fun!! can't wait to c more pics! :) welcome back babe! ;)