Monday, December 20, 2010

Back fm Holidays

Hey peeps, i'm back from my short holidays. Cant really call it holidays though cos i'm dead tired!!! Hahaha. Yeah travelling with a toddler is no joke! My children have plenty of energy but cant say the same bout mommy! Hahaha...Guess it's pampering time for me, gonna check out the local spa in this few days. Aarrrgghh my feet are aching too! been walking the whole league of Orchard road in s'pore for two days non stop and even get to enroll myself in a scrapping class at 'Madewithlove'

I bought..heaps! but not sure where to start now? perhaps finishing my old stash is a good idea but my hands are itching to open up the packaging of my TH numerals, grunge paper, tape, prima, BG curio pp, Alcohol ink and more! Hhhmmm i should take it slow, when the body is tired the mind went blank! Yuppp..mojoless at this point.

Apart from that the kids had a swell time in Universal Studio and yeah like mommy they bought heaps of toys too!! cant blame them for the habit, they learned from the best!!! lol. Perhaps on our next vacay we should plan to go somewhere secluded, no malls involved or whatsoever. Hhhmmm an island getaway would be good! So okay..gonna post the pics soon. Till then, a layout i did before my hols is next on posting. Watch the space! :))


teacher jessy said...

Welcome back my scrapholic-shopaholic friend!! LOL!! I am sure you will finish all your stashes soon cause I can feel that you gonna have scrapping marathon soon. Hehe :)

Lynnda Hosni said...

good to see back... yeah... women and just can't separate em.... can you ??? NO...
can't wait to see more ...more photos... more layouts... LOL.... xoxo