Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekends and such

I'm pretty sure u know d drill by now..weekends are pretty hectic for me. Whoever says lazy sunday?? hehehe. Yeah obviously it doesnt work for me that much. Anyway i took the kids out for a movie outing on saturday. We watch 'Sammy's Adventure'. My little girl falls asleep half way..thehehe. Cant blame d movie was her nap time after all.
Today was a buzz of activity at home. My son is having his final exam at school tomorrow. I didnt think i've prepared him enough. I'm not sure about u but it's hard to keep a 7 years old to concentrate on books! He seems to be having all sorts of excuses for every situation. Friends told me to take it easy, he's only 7!! Yeah, but i want him to know that without effort things just dont fall into places. Without effort, u dont get anywhere. It's okay not to score but at least i know he give his best. That's all i ever wanted from him. Perhaps he's too small to understand, i'll let him go this time but next year it's gonna be a different story altogether.

I didn't create much too. Been lacking on the mojo. So instead i tried diverting and was on dvd marathon instead. I hope to get a layout or two done in a few days. I did a few altered notebook for a good friend who's starting a new job tomorrow. A shout out for her..." All the best gf!! I know u can do it". Worry not..i'm just a phone call away. :)
Hopefully i'll be back posting a layout soon. Till next entry..see ya!!!


Lynnda Hosni said...

Looks like you're having a ball with the kids... always is..isnt it...

that set you made is simply beautiful... soothing colors...

have a good one... and take it easy on the mojo...xx

Liza Yahya said...

Looks like we had about the same category of weekend! Stressful teaching kids for exam. Imagine I have 3 with exams this week! I really need to destress...Papier here I come!

Amelia Khalik said...

Lynnda, yeah it was great to spend quality time with the kids and seeing their eager faces brightens my day..:)

Kak Liza, haah exams is one part of their growing up process that i dreaded!! hahaha..i will be one mean 'mak tiri' kinda person. I hate being that way but my boy left me with no choice, he's too playful..hehehe