Saturday, July 17, 2010

17th July, Mini Album n Mini Cards.

How should i describe my saturday? A bit of this n that. Took the kids to Bukit Jalil for a carnival organised by Alif's school. Since every student need to purchase RM30 worth of coupons, we decided to join in the fun n heat!!! Yeaahhh it was hot, hot, hot as usual. We didnt stay long. We head over to Sunway Pyramid for lunch and bought daddy his birthday pressie. Hhhhmmm i'll make an entry on that later. Mr Hubby is celebrating his birthday on monday.
Came home, not long after that my parents n younger brother stop by the house. Ordered Dominoes Pizza for dinner and catch up on maksu's condition. I did not visit her today. She's..not looking good. No more ramblings, all she did is doze in n out of sleeps. She no longer remembers me, or the rest apart from her husband. She refuse to eat or drink. We pray for the best. God knows how much we love her..
Finally, a friend asked for a mini cards for her cuppies client. It'll be pasted on top of a cupcakes box. She requested a pastel colour combo. I decided to make few designs and i hope she likes it. I also did this mini album a month ago n like to share it here with u guys. I used mostly bits of pattern papers from previous lo's project. Just paste them all on a chipboard album. Ink the edges n decorate to my heart desire.

Happy viewing!


Blossom inch said...

great work babe...

I have done my fabric album last week but have yet to blog about it. Lama tak jumpa, I always in BJ (FYI).

Take care and see you soon.


teacher jessy said...

Wow, you are seriously making use with what you have!! Awesome take on the album. Very pretty!!

Amelia Khalik said...

Yuz, text me if ur in BJ.We can go for coffee...:)

Jessy..thanks, i'm very kedekut with my papers!! Hahaha..small piece also i keep!! lol..