Monday, April 5, 2010

A Mini Album, Jeans n everything else...

I am watching ‘Anugerah Berita Harian’ while typing this entry. Can’t comment much about the winners, it is based solely on votes by the readers. Anyway not bad for performance wise esp from alya, dayang nurfaizah and dato’ khatijah ibrahim. Great vocal from all three!!!
Earlier today I meet naddy at OU to get my stuff that I purchase from scrappingchix. Thanks beb for spending the afternoon with me!! Manage to grab few items from zara. I ‘heart’ my new bootleg jeans with a bling2 on the back pocket. The reason why?? For the first time in my life..i’m a US size 6!!!! OMG!!! Seriously..even though I was a skinny girl before I have always had that ‘generous butt’ it runs in d family!! Hahaha..but thanks to Jazzercise n my fab instructor..i am now a proud woman with a size 6!!! This is indeed a record. Okay enough about that!
For the past few days apart from making lo, I was busy with these’s a mini album/journal/guess book or anything u want it to be! It comes in 6x6. I’m planning to make more but in different sizes. It’s gonna be a busy week for me, certain things r not looking good and major changes is expected in a few months time. I ‘pray’ everything will be okay soon..insyAllah.


Wati Basri said...

congrats dear on size 6!! wtg...u do look fab babe :)

mariam said...

Ame I think I saw u win somewhere else lol! good on ya! I rasa I dah give up on blogging la. seriyus aku no mood this time around. nak bernafas pun susah. ai takut jek asthma I triggered.

I love the mini album satu hari nak tengok real life boleh??

take care babe

Amelia Khalik said...

Wati..thanks fab?? haiyyooo no lah but it is a record!! first time size 6!1 hahaha

Yam..somewhere else? where? come i dont know..kekeke. U nie advance lah..eehh dont lah give up beb. Takper u go slow..who knows tiba2 mojo dtg non stop!! sure blh tgk..bila u feel better maybe we can meet yea..u take care too..:)

peata said...

sweet minis.