Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Little Diversion With a 4 Inch...

I need to divert n put up an entry that is NOT related to craft! Hahaha…well just to be fair..more like to myself. Lately ever since I started crafting I wud spend a huge chunk of my allowance on papers, stickers, flowers, punchers etc.

Can u believe it the last time I had the urge to shop for shoes is 8 months ago!!! Omg!!! That is such a longggggg time according to me. But the thing is I have a dozen pairs of shoes nicely kept in my shoe cabinet/storage and yes I hardly use them. Nowdays the only pair u’ll see me in is in my brown C&K wedges or my Nike snickers. I can't seems to be walking in heels anymore! My feet get blisters easily. Hhmmmm funny though cos it doesn’t bother me before. Old age!!! Hahaha.
I give my ultimate salute and honour to those who walk, talk, shop with a 4 inch stilettos!!! Amazing!! And to satisfy my need n hunger for the latest trend, I browse for this super duper sexy heels from Aldo n perhaps will check em out soon. aren’t they a sexy bunch??? Hehehe.

image taken from Aldo websites


adriana az said...

ooohhhh...thank u Dear God friend is FINALLY back!!!!!yesss...lets go to watch you shop till u drop :)

Ms Lola said...

I like the black Aldo wedges :)

Lynnda Hosni said...

yay The real AMe is back.... !!! put aside the crafty..Fashion is awesome...!!...psst me meeting Naddy this time meet u plak...:wink:

Amelia Khalik said...

Na..i went to Aldo juz now to check out d heels..omg!! aku baru sarung dah rasa nak meraung!! so high n painful lah..kekeke..seriously muda2 dulu boleh lah aku belasah but now with 2 kids in tow!! forjet jit!!! kekeke..

Ms Lola..yeah me too!! infact i suka semuaaa lahhhh tapi suka tengok jerrr..kekeke..i gi try but sad to say..i dont think i can endure the suffering!! hahaha..

Lybeau..hahaha..have to divert a bit otherwise this blog is getting too crafty n boring to others..hehehe. Yeaaayyy ur meeting her yea. Good lah sis..i told her to look for heat gun, if she can find one yg reasonable price for me. Have fun u two!!..:)

snowiffy said...

i M.I.S.S u...u r back babey! mmuuaahhhh!!!

Amelia Khalik said...

Yanie..hahaha..sorry dear nie selingan kejap. Lepas nie berlambak lagi entry psl scrapping..sorry yang, ur's truly tgh kemaruk shopping pun brg2 craft ajer..:)