Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Altered Art

After receiving a RAK from winning the February Banner Challenge over at Create i get myself busy fumbling over the winning goodies. Aaaahhhh such a yummy RAK..thanks Jessy! and after much thought i decided to do these..

I decorate it with a perfume flower that i bought at Daiso and so it gives out a sweet smell of pot pouri in my room, perhaps when the perfume's gone i can used it as a frame for my photos too! yeah that wud be a fab idea..or  why not do both tomorrow?? hahaha..*wink*..

p/s: Need to drag Mr Hubby for more photo shoot soon..my photos r getting monotonous..same old..same old!! hahaha...


naddy said...

cool door hanger ame ;)

teacher jessy said...

Congrats on winning the banner challenge over at Create!! You truly deserve it!! Gosh look at you... You used the RAK already. Super fast. Lol!!

Lynnda Hosni said...

so long I tak leave comment....so far all your works Lo, cards, altered crafts semua CANTIK GILER....you are so great!!!..keep going luv...you rocks!!!...xxoo

Amelia Khalik said...

Naddy..hehehe tq dear.eeerrrr first time buat so belasah ajer lahhh..:)

Jc..hahaha..u know me..super xcited, whatever i got today will not stay in d package long!! hahaha

Lybeau..hey sis..i ingat u merajuk!! hehehe..just kidding sis. I know u busy holiday kan!!! cant wait for u to scrap ur getaway photos!!..:)