Friday, March 19, 2010

Still here...

Hey peeps sorry for the silence. I just got back yesterday and there's soooo much to do. The laundry, the house, journals, the kids and on top of it all, lil bro nuar is admitted today for dengue!! Yeaahhh u heard me right. Even his wife is tested positive for having it but the thing is she got it about a week ago and after the sun, the sea and 4 days of tan she fight it off well. Nevertheless she was advice to go for blood check again tomorrow.

I on the other hand misses 2 classes of Jazzercise and felt bloated all over!! hahaha..yeah exaggerate drama queen!! Bro looks okay despite being on drips and hopefully he'll be released soon. Will check on his condition again tomorrow. I miss scrapping a lot and cant wait to get started with my holiday photos. Till then i'll be back with something more interesting once things settled down..:)

p/s: do i look like i have a tan??? hahaha :P


abrahyn said...

welcome back :D
i pray for his speedy recovery...denggi mmg berleluasa skrg ni kan...pekerja Jon pun baru masuk spital today

Amelia Khalik said...

Abrahyn thanks beb, alhamdulillah dah discharge petang resting at home...:)