Saturday, March 6, 2010

'Aqiqah' n A Gift

My neighbour is having a baby shower or 'aqiqah' in malay. Their new bundle of joy is a boy. I made these simple basket of gifts consist of 2 pairs of baby shirt, jumper and a rattle. Not to forget my handmade card. Hhhmmm the food smells delicious fm where i'm sitting. N yes this entry is type fm iphone while i'm attending the ceremony..hehehe :)


abrahyn said...

wahhhhhhhhh...kalo i yg dpt that basket, dah lupe dah yg i ni tuan rumah...hahahaha
alamat asik dok belek basket je, tetamu semua ntah kemana...hahaha

kalo camni, confirm my baby shower (ntah biler la) i invite u tau ahahahaha :p

chelemom said...

This is such an adorable LO! Love the little "laundry" line and that silly expression on your daughter's face!!!

Amelia Khalik said...

Abrahyn..hahaha..yea tunggu u buat baby shower or kalo nak cepat lagi buat lah apa2 majlis..janji jemput i!! kekekeke

chelemom..hi thanks for leaving a comment. Aaahhh yes she is such a drama queen in d making (my daughter)..n she's a poser too. I'll scrap more of her 'tantrum' soon..hehehe.

Mazlina said...

that is so nice of you! :)) really lovely gift!!

Amelia Khalik said...

Maz..i hope d tuan rumah likes was a last minute job..hehehe