Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 3 ~ Merang

It's day 3 of our trip. Somehow i feel time flies when ur having a great time, well i know my kids are!! The only nap they had was in d car driving to crystal mosque n kepayang market, other than that i wonder where did these children gets d energy from?? No point figuring em out!! Hahaha so what's a mom to do?? Stock on loads of energy bar n vitamins?? I had neither but i have my 'bibik'!! Hehehe. While doing this entry they r now having massive jamming session by d pool oohhhh did i mention that it's a family trip?? That 4 cousins is rocking this place down like their parents own d hotel!!! *sigh*


abrahyn said...

wahhhhhhhhhh holiday gi ganuuuuu...syokkkk! i love tganu!

Amelia Khalik said...

Yeah beb..syok habis..kalo makcik millionaire boleh buat umah sebijik tepi laut..kekeke..