Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Which School???

My son is attending standard one next year and here I am so undecided about his schooling. Both my parents wanted their grandson to be in Agama Integrated school, of course I have no objection on that but I am also worried that my son cud not carry heavy subject like bahasa arab etc. I did not have a sekolah agama background and so does my husband but to think of the world as it is right gets us worried if alif do not have strong background on agama. Peer pressure from friends and negative lifestyle is a big factor and contribution in our society. No doubt I will want the best for him 'Dunia and Akhirat' and as a role playing mother I wud engaged as much time as I can in his everyday life.

Children will grow up..and when they are teenagers you will not be his favorites. Believe me I had that episodes in my life where my friends are my world and my parents are a nagging gadget that wont stop torturing my soul!!!! One day my son will grow up and say to me..'mama i’m a big boy stop being so pushy'..and I’m dragging every single moment that it wont come to that. And of course here I believe where education and the right school comes handy.

Arrgggghhh..i never thought picking the right school can be tedious. For someone picky like me I guess it would. So far I’m really undecided perhaps I should read more on the school itself and set my goal straight.
Maybe after answering this question I am able to decide.

1) What is my expectation of my child?
2) What kind of person I would like him to be?
3) Will he
be happy in school?
4) Will he
have friends?
5) Will he
do well?
6) Will he have
good teachers?
7) Will he look at them
as role models?
8) Will he have time to spend apart from studying?
9) Will he have a
good character and well mannered?
10) Will he get bullied in school?
11) Will he have the will to protect himself from harm?
12) Will he be a person that remembers allah in every single way?
13) Will he be someone who values family and friends?
14) Will he be able to think out of the box?
15) And finally..will mom stop this unending question before she goes crazy???

Hahaha…I know i am wayyyyyy beyond expectation but hey it’s not something unachievable right? Okay gals if u think otherwise pls feel free to leave a comment.

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