Monday, April 20, 2009

Saturday Outing

Last Saturday was a family day outing for us. First stop as usual Allysha Gymboree class. After missing 2 classes she is more than eager to finally see her friends again n the best part was this time round daddy is at hand to take some awesome photos with his Nikon D700.

Ever since he bought that camera the whole family is turned into objects of photography but seriously.. I’m starting to like his new hobby cos I get to pose most of the time and the best thing about the camera matter what u still ended up looking
smashingly good!!!

After class we headed to Sunway Pyramid for a late lunch at Bubba sh
rimp.. We ordered onion rings n shrimper heaven. For dessert we had bread pudding. That itself last me till dinner. However we didn’t get to do much window shopping cos we had to rush home right after that due to alif complaining of stomach ache.

I was disappointed that th
e evening end abruptly but it was a good move cos as soon as we reached home alif headed for the toilet..hehehe. That didn’t damper my spirit, I drag hubby to SACC mall without the kids this time to fill my unfulfilled n unsatisfied self!!! was also a good move cos I manage to find a good jacket for allysha in preparation for our London trip. Poney was having a warehouse sale n most of the items was 70% off.
Phhheewwww…that ended our Saturday outing. I was happy n the kids was happy too..eemmm couldn’t say the same bout hubby though..hehehe.

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