Sunday, April 12, 2009


Today is the 4th day baby allysha is admitted in Darul Ehsan Medical Center due to throat infection that caused her to have fever, flu, cough, flam and vomit for 11 days before Dr decided to keep her here for observation.

I was told due to her condition she will be kept here for at least 5 days for them to administer antibiotic, nebulisor, paracetamol and also 3 types of medicine for her throat. That is quite a lot of medication for a little girl.

Hubby decided to take the Kayangan Suite for our convenience. It was located on the 4th floor. The room itself is fully carpeted with separate lounge for visitors. Despite being sick allysha is quite comfortable here except when it’s time to take her medicine, she will scream n throw fits till it takes 3 of us to hold her down.

As for me I’m thankful bibik is around to hand a helping hand. Hubby will tapau something for breakfast, lunch n dinner as I find the hospital food is lacking in taste. Alif is missing his lil sis so much that he refused to go back home but come sun it will be the end of his stay here as he has to attend school on Monday.

I do hope my baby will get well soon as I can feel her frustration being confined in this tiny room without the sun and a breath of fresh air. To all friends thank you for all the support and doa. May Allah bless you. Amin.

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