Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bath Time

I am convince out of 100 women out there, 85% of them wud be spending more than half an hour during bath time. As for me..i took the longest time I possibly cud..hehehe..sometimes it goes up to 40 mins not including the prep after.

My collection of shower gels
My ritual wud consist of :

1) Face washing- 2 step, makeup
remover n facial wash
2) Brushing teeth

3) Lather up with lotsa shower gel – my fav Body shop satsuma
4) Hair shampoo
5) Hair conditioner
6) Hair tonic
7) Body lotion – my fav Victoria Secret Strawberries n Champagne
8) Body splash – my fav Victoria Secret Amber Romance
9) Day or night cream
10) Eye cream.

My collection of sponges

All the above is during my lazy day..once a week I wud add

11) Long soak in the tub..bliss
12) Foot scrub
13) Face mask
14) Black seed oil for hair

N cud u imagine how hubby have to cope with the waiting game. Most of the time he wud let me know way in advance if we’re going out..hehehe. But I believe I’m not the only one with such habit. I juz love to pamper myself n I truly believe that bath time is for me to release all those tense muscle and a special moment on my own. The only part missing is lil miss duckie..hehehe..*maybe i shud add that next time*..wink wink.

My collection of Body Lotions

So ladies, I’d love to long do u take to bathe?

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