Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Non submitted Layout2

This is a continuation of yesterday posts of my layouts that i did not submit for Webster Pages Clean & Simple Dt Call. Still using WP Papers and mixture of embellishment, i created a clean & simple look even though my hands itch to add more! lol. 

It's the second day of kindy for Ally and first day of school for my son Alif so u can imagine the morning madness and rush! We woke up n get ready, have a quick breakfast and woossshhhh we're out the door. Hubby and me drove different car to 2 different place, yes one head north the other south! lol. I'm convince too by the end of the month with this ordeal..i'm gonna lose weight as if saying bye to yesterday! Yup..that fast! lol.

Okay will be back tmrw to share the final layout! Cheers..:)))


Blossom inch said...

cantek rugi tak submit KA...nice page totally beautiful!

jannekevanveen said...

beautiful lo love it

Mazlina said...

oohh i love your pic ;) classy mom! beautiful layout, sayang tak sempat.. :)