Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Non submitted Layout1

Today is my lil angel first day at Kindy. Omg..i am one proud mom! I was praying things will be easy for us. I expected screams and wailing coming from her but i was wrong!!! Yes, she was nervous and panic for the first hour but after seeing her spread on the floor with activity books my heart flutter and yes i was so proud of her!!! Not even a single tears! I was beaming with happiness the whole day and nothing could pull this feelings away.

Anyway, lets hope for the same tomorrow perhaps much better. So here come's the layout that i did not submit for Webster pages Clean & Simple Dt call. Why if u ask? Simply because i'm not ready for the commitment! Not just yet..not because of rejection. I'm fine with the latter but since i am still maidless at the moment and tell ya the truth i cant even find a decent free time to do my own facial at home!!! lol. I was tempted and on the last minute decided not turn in my project! 3 lo together using webster papers.

Instead i will just share it with u here. Sad, isn't it..not being able to create as u wish. I have come to a point of frustration at times. There is plenty of dt call in Nov & Dec but i cant even seems to think straight and send in my application! *sigh*..perhaps 2012 will be good for my crafting. It started off great and i hope this maid issue will be settled soon enough before i went really bonkers! 

I have two more layout to share in a few days time. Till tomorrow, take care peeps...:))))


curlyqmosaics said...

This layout is truly elegant. If you had submitted it to WP, they would have definitely put you on the team! I totally understand your concern with Design Team commitments...very time consuming! Here's to much creativity in 2012! :)

Blossom inch said...

Very nice LO KA, take it easy and things will be fine soon. Happy crafting.