Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Live & Love Layout For Papier

Ola ladies, this gotta be a short post as i'm about to put the kids to sleep. I'd like to apologized for not being able to visit some of the blogs. I am really pressing for time that scrapping and blogging has somewhat taken a back seat and not the top most priority at the moment. I promised once i have the extra hour i'll come n visit u ladies and will leave comment.

Sharing a layout i did for my dt post over at Papier. Love the Graphic45 papers! Just something that i whip up in a hurry...n i really mean on the very last minute. Scrap and post! lol. Thanks for still being here and leaving me love! :))))


jantung | otak | jari said...

omg... i love ur art work dear sis. i can feel ur passion. im so back dated not knowing there is such art that u can express in.

how n where did u get those materials? would like to try. badly.

=) sarah is my name, btw.

Anonymous said...

Lovely layout dear.. with such a mysterious touch :)
Happy new year!

teacher jessy said...

Another fun and yet pretty layout by you!