Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Papier RD

News peeps!!! As of Nov 2011 I've been appointed Resident Designer for Papier , Malaysia local scrapbook store. Weee...with a new role comes a new challenge and responsibility. Those who knew me knows that i dont take things lightly..or more to say i'm a darn workaholic! Ooppsss sorry Macy if u find that the studio is being conquered by moi!!! lol.

Yes i'm planning a whole lotta activities for the store and blog. Let's just hope i grow more hands n feet!!! Hahaha..yup will be running around with interesting stuff for the customer and readers. Also if you happens to like anything that the store did not carry you could always put forward your idea. Yes we welcome contribution! Classes can be catered to your needs too..let us know what fancy you and the dt will try to work around your ideas.

A shout out..a new dt spot opening soon. If anyone out there who resides in Malaysia, particularly in the klang valley area pls come fwd and drop us a note. Where? leave ur number/emaiL/blog address with me or at the store. Just email me at hotmama1137@gmail.com or macy at kartzplus@yahoo.com

So peeps..thank you for ur support and for believing in me, a special thanks to Macy for this opportunity! Hhhmmm i'm having sweaty palms now! lol..

come back for more updates later...:))))


Blossom inch said...

Congrats on the appointment as the RDA, you deserved it totally. Yes, more activities would be good and lets the fun begin! All the best on your new role and lets celebrate on Friday!!!!

teacher jessy said...

Congrats on ur new role! You gonna have an awesome time helping Macy. All the best ;)

Sabrina said...

Dear, HUGE congratulations!! Heard about it at Papier blog this morning :) I am very happy for you, enjoy your RDT spot, yeah!!!

Lynnda Hosni said...

Congrats on ur new role! Awesome... im looking forward for a visit... in Jan 2012!!..hugs..xoxo

sandi said...

Yippee! Congrats on your new positiion....you're going to be fab in that role....you go girl!