Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More mini's!

Hi all, i'm counting days for a short vacay to gold coast. 4 more days n we're on our way!!! Yyeeaayyy. Oh i know i'm gonna miss u guys for 8 days. I'm planning to resched all my posts tonite. All 3 blogs in total! Lol and at least 10 entry!!! Ok i'm breaking a sweat now!

Anyway just wanted to share more mini albums that was done about a month ago? Or maybe two? Oohhh i always lost count! The first is a mini butterfly album fm MR and the second is a mix of acrylic block, chipboard, frame, transparency, envelope, pattern papers and paper bags! A mixed of medium n technique too. A couple of die cut grunge board and embossing.

Like always limited photos of d album due to blogging fm iphone. If there's request to see d remaining pages i might do another entry for the second album, Hehehe.

Till next time. Take care peeps..:)


Blossom inch said...

lovely minis', love all of it and so many details to see and I like the frame!!! totally!

Enjoy your holiday and have a blast babe & see you soon. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

oh wow wee... great mini album and so full of wonderful goodies..:)

Have a good break.. have fun! :)

Lynnda Hosni said...

Good Grief Ame...!!! Chock of goodies!! Yummylicious Mini... I have yet to finish my 2nd ones...!!! ANY hooo... girlie...have fun.... relax and take it easy... I will of course miss you!! hugs...xoxo

Sabrina said...

Amelia, these are totally wonderful works. I am amazed at your albums. I would take months to complete even one hehe!! Enjoy Gold Coast to the max, yeah!! :)

Nadhrah Maidin said...

awesome all the details here. have fun at Gold Coast. Enjoy!

Craftylicious said...

awesome mini albums gurl!!! so much yummy details to look at!!! :)