Monday, February 22, 2010

Short but meaningful

My latest lo is about our short trip to Cameron highland late last year. It was just a one night stay at de la fern hotel and we depart the next evening. The kids as usual r beaming ear to ear and so am i but sad to say the weather was not in our favor, it was raining the whole day and a visit to 'Boh' plantation and most of d farms had to be cancelled. It’s okay we’ll visit again soon..:)


teacher jessy said...

You are on the roll, girl!! you have been creating so many awesome layouts!! It is so great to see how fast u learnt in such a short time. Bravo!! I love all ur layouts :)

mariam said...

Hi Ame! cantik LO ni. so colourful. suka the pictures. love what u did with the doilies.

I ternampak kat yr sidebar papier ada new arrival!!!

naddy said...

beautiful LOs!! keep them cmg ;)

Amelia Khalik said...

Tq jessy. I had to admit i'm a bit slow in producing lo's. Have to take my own sweet time to put things together!! Lol..

Yam..thanks dear. I berkayuh dgn perlahan2 kekeke. Yeahhh bila nak stop by papier? Hehehe. Lemme know if u wanna go blh tumpang sekaki.

Naddy..tq so much. But still not that perfecto!! Hehehe..

Me, Mrs Taj said...

so creativela kak..

akak dah ada craft room lom..tak sabo nk nengok nih..

Amelia Khalik said...

Mrs Taj..blom ada dear..takde space dah kat umah i nie..kesian kan..but it's okay sket2 lah asalkan rajin n ada kemahuan..:)