Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Facebook and Status Update

Have u ever update ur fb status n being misunderstood? Well that happens a number of times for me. I love having new found friends but more than often it’s difficult for me to get warm, up close and personal in a short time. U see I’m a simple person who is also very shy, timid and cold at times. I can’t just say hi and pretend that I’ve known u for life and assume everyone is comfortable being in a close relation with me.
That’s just me and most of the time I am being label as arrogant, choosy and a stuck up person. Which of course I’m not! And sometimes whenever I update my fb status I did not mean to condemned or put down certain friends or individual but on certain occasion I was told I had cause a hurtful feelings toward others.
Dear friends, I am so sorry. I have no intention whatsoever to say something bad or nasty. That is not my nature..well unless I’m pissed off of course but I never thought that sometimes without noticing they are a certain comment and statement that poke through certain hearts. Please accept my apologies. As much as I can try to avoid being insensitive and to generalized my status to something more about ‘me’ than about ‘others’.
Just the other day Mr Hubby advised to update less about ‘shopping’, he said think about those unfortunate who have nothing but enough to survived. Yes that made me think..i used to say if u have it flaunt it, but then again the malay proverb always say..’makin tunduk makin berisi’. You are so right dear..and just yesterday ‘allah’ make me see something that pierce my heart. Lets just keep that as my secret n lesson. Thank you..u made me realized…life is beautiful and worth living, they are life other than mine worth thinking...;)


mariam said...

you can't please everyone dear :). I remembered once I said that orang tak boleh tengok org senang....within a minute I dapat feedback org tak puas enuff said. just buat tak endah.

apa2 pun I suka u. U are very real and your enthusiasm is infectious. hehehe

Amelia Khalik said...

Yam..tq so much. U r one of my new found friend that i can get warm instantly!! dont know why..but with u i dont hv to be someone that i'm not. i'm glad we're friends..i really do. N thank u for understanding, it means a lot...:)

Lybeau said...

Personally FB can create lotsa of trouble...only because being humans we have extreme flaws... We can mean nothing but others might see the otherwise... on the contrary we can't please everyone can we??...thats so beyond our capacity kan... thats one of the reason why i said nothing on FB now... how bizarre even my hubby said same things..."about the shopping" like what you said... we meant no harm...we are just people whom love to express ourself...especially when we are happy.... kan small motto that I'd always say to myself...dont get me wrong ye Ame.. since personally I find that I can relate things to you
I wanna share this "Whatever people's opinion is not our business" in other words...they can say anything but we can't stop them from saying can we? but that doesn't mean if we are quiet, we've been defeated...silence is golden... Ame...even I've never met you... trust me i've got your ears ... sms or call me... im all here....P/S: Ame Cricut here is selling at $500...InshaAllah...have a nice day...sending my kiss...xxoo

Me, Mrs Taj said...

agree with mariam's comment..

well, lps ni blh la saya add akak eh? heheh

take care

Amelia Khalik said...

Mrs Taj..boleh saja, seriously saya tak memilih pun kawan cuma kdg2 mmg segan nak borak lebih2..nanti add me kay..:)

Lybeau..yeah sis, i agree i cant pls everyone but as much as i can i try to avoid being label..hehehe. Tak best lah kan bila org kata kita pilih kwn or sombong cos i'm not..cuma bila org tak tego i'm like this lah lambat nak warm up..but it's okay, it's juz a misunderstanding..:)