Thursday, February 25, 2010

Despite the Heat...

Despite the heat, my little desk and work area is busy n scattered with papers n ribbons. Yes production is going at a fast rate this week. I have so many pending request and tried to finish them by end of this week.

First wud be the massive production of 20 mini cards from which only 10 managed to be delivered today for a friend who runs her own online cuppies business..tq Yan for believing in me..hehehe and 6 journal request from others. But i must say the most challenging is this particular order from Kak Aida.
She wanted an album n also a journal in one, so i had to scout for raw material and did this journal album from scratch. At first i was planning to bind them together but on 2nd thought i decided to used the ring instead so in future she will be able to add more papers or album if she wish too. I hope it's what she wanted, it took me 4 days to complete it!!! Hahaha..yeah talking bout being amateur..have a look at d photos n tell me what u think?


Lybeau said...

sweet...nice...yum...have a good weekends...xxoo

mariam said...

Nice work. semua nampak kemas. I pun guna mounting board beli kat Dincy.

nasuha ahmad helmi said...


Mazlina said...

wow.. so productive.. lovely products you have there!!! keep on crafting!

Amelia Khalik said...

Lybeau..thanks sis. u too yeah have a productive weekend which i think u surely will..hehehe

Yam..sakit tangan i nak punch the hole..tebal giler board tuh, pas tuh hv to punch 10 hole..haiyaaa..kekeke

Hello Nasuha..tq so much..:)

Mazlina..i productive..berjangkit dgn u lah kot!!! hahaha..u lagi massive..but nevermind best sgt2 kan..:)