Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mini Album For Papier

Ola! I'm away for the week. Right now blogging fm my iphone. Taking time out at hubby's hometown and all i did was eat n sleep. Yeah i'm pretty convinced i've put on few kilo's! I'm already feeling so heavy without much to do!

Anyway here's sharing a recent mini for Papier. Using WP pattern papers and MM Dilly Dally embellishment box. I love my Instant camera! The best part is the credit card size photo's! It fits well with my mini.

Gotta go and catch some sleep now..i wonder why i decided to gulp a can of ice coffee right before bed!!! Not a smart choice eeehhh..thanks for dropping by again..:)))


sandi said...

Wow! This is really neat! Love all the bits and pieces!

Lynnda Hosni said...

beautiful mini.... great elements used... i spy the instax ... nice...

dont worry its legitimate for you to eat n sleep... its holiday... enjoy... dont worry... you are supa slim now... all the zumba!! working miracle on ya!!!... hugs...xoxo

Jaime Lee said...

Enjoy your stay beb! Putting another 1-2 kilo for you is not noticeable at all. After a few Jazzercise & Zumba will shed it all out for you :))

Cute mini album you have there! ;)

F.T said...

An scrapping boog in the shape of tags. lovley work.

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Helen Tilbury said...

This is so cool!! I love my Instax too!