Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cotton On

I promise myself to cut down on scrap items this month and stock up on my wardrobe instead. Frankly when it comes to buying clothes i prefer to stick to a certain brand. Perhaps it's because i feel more comfortable when wearing certain type of fashion n cutting. I would normally shop at MNG, Zara and Dorothy Perkins. Well that's my personal preference until a Jazzercise mate told me to have a look at this Aussie brand called Cotton On.

Frankly i have yet the time to step into any of their outlet here but after surveying online..i'm convinced it will be in my list of shops! hahaha. Plainly because i am so into black, white, grey and pink and material that doesnt required ironing that much and now that i am so crazy about cardi i think i'll make a stop at the nearest outlet next week.

You can browse their online shop here. Here's some of the items in my to buy list. Let's just hope they have the same thing here. Well..who's coming with me??? hahahaha...

*pics taken from Cotton On website


Akak Ratu said...

wahhh seropa lak kita... akak pun nowadays dok crazy about cardi so bole la try kat cotton on ni lak... selalunya akak sambar kat marks & spencer,gap & ms read jer... ater kat situ jer pun dpt size2 cam akak ni... he he

Amelia Khalik said...

Akak..murah lah kat cotton on nie. Alaaa kalau takat L tuh melambak kak..dont worry i'm sure ada size nyer..hehehe.