Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tiffany & Co

Photos taken during the event at Grand Millenium KL

I was a big fan of tiffany even though i definitely cant afford their diamond ring or the more pricy items. I just have to make do with the charm bracelet that i wore every single day without fail...hehehe.

Last year (2008) they had an event promoting the charms at Grand Millenium. It was more like a cocktail event with models parading in the latest charms. The food n free flow of drinks was deft a hit among the guest..thehehe..what else were we expected to do besides emptying our husbands pockets??

I managed to grab a red heart padlock to go with my bracelet. The whole evening was a success with majority of the guest buying a little token of charm for themselves.
For their official website click below

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