Monday, March 16, 2009


Every Tues evening I will be heading to the local dance studio 5 mins away from home. I’ve been taking jazzercise classes for 3 years now and it’s worth paying every single cents. Not only I feel energetic and fit, I believe I can out run any 36 years old!!! Hahaha..talking about exaggerating. Below is an article taken from their official website. Happy browsing n stay healthy!!!

What is Jazzercise?

Jazzercise is a 60-minute class of cardio, strength, and stretch moves for a total body workout. We’ve taken moves from hip-hop, yoga, Pilates, jazz dance, kick-boxing, and resistance training and bundled them into one hour. All ages, levels, and sizes.

Every Jazzercise class combines cardio moves to enhance endurance and burn mega calories, strength training to define muscles and strengthen your core, and stretching to increase flexibility. Through the use of hand-held weights, exertubes and balls, you will get a total body workout while blasting fat and having fun!

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